Help King Phero save the Geemies by mastering new, exciting and addictive mini games.

Exercise your brain and your senses in Bungee Mummy Challenges! Each challenge requiring a different skill-set and style of gameplay – whether its tap and shoot, bungee launch, swing with precision or swipe to cut and drop.

The difficulty of the challenges quickly picks up momentum – can you be crowned the true King or Queen of the challenge on our global leaderboards?!

For a more fun and exciting look into this game, head on over to our official Bungee Mummy: Challenges website.

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What do reviewers think of Bungee Mummy?

It’s a clever idea, and if you’re a fan of challenging platformers, it’s one worth exploring. And as a free download, what’s holding you back? Keep an eye out for Bungee Mummy!


(9.2/10) Bungee Mummy is a polished game that’s totally addictive to play. It will have you absorbed into it’s mystical realms trying to race the timer, fight baddies, dodge threats, all to figure out the puzzle to free Phero.

Android Tapp

Bungee Mummy asks you to fling a mummy - i.e. a dead person wrapped in linens and whatnot - around various puzzle platforming stages. This is why video games are awesome.


(8.5/10) Bungee Mummy is an exciting, enthralling gameplay which will test your reflexes to the limit.

iPhone Glance

(8.2/10) Bungee Mummy: King's Escape looks wonderful, is heaps of fun and is wonderfully designed all around.


Action Shots

Here are some carefully selected screenshots and videos of what you’ve got to look forward to when unboxing Bungee Mummy on your smartphone or tablet.

Official Launch Trailer

Action Packed Challenges

Accuracy is the key to Success

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Blast through Challenges

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