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What gamers have to say about Bungee Mummy Challenges

By November 18, 2015Bungee Mummy, Reviews

Here’s how the Internet has received Bungee Mummy Challenges so far!

Bungee Mummy Challenges is the brand new sequel to the hit iOS and Android adventure puzzler, Bungee Mummy King’s Escape, and it’s out right now in the App Store and Google Play.

Ever since we launched, we have been receiving some killer reviews!

Even our friends at Pocket Gamer wrote a few nice words about Bungee Mummy Challenges.

We’ve also had our game reviewed by gamers all over youtube, check out Rachybop’s video.

See what some fans had to say on the Google Play store

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Google play reviews

We also decided to put together a quick playlist for you to take a look at!