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Steampunk Wizards Return to Pocket Gamer Connects 2016! (With 3 awesome games to show off)

Steampunk Wizards will be returning to London to take on Pocket Gamer Connects (January 18-19) for the second year running.

“Last year, we had huge positive feedback when announcing the upcoming cross-platform launch of our first game, Bungee Mummy. London was a great platform for us to generate awareness, and we even did pretty well in The Very Big Indie Pitch. It was a fantastic experience!” said Joshua O’Cock, the Wizards’ CMO. “Just 12 months on, we now have 3 games launched with a fourth game imminent, our objectives for this conference and Mobile Games Week, London, are geared towards meeting mobile game publishers who can help us take it to the next level!”


Looking to Build Long-Term Partnership with the Right Global / Regional Mobile Game Publisher

Steampunk Wizards looking to make connections and build long-term relationships with game publishers, both Global and Regional. We currently have 3 games launched on the AppStore and Google Play with many more in the pipeline. We have been commended and praised for our design and development capabilities, and there is definitely room for growth in our player base. We are ready to grow into new territories and larger markets. We are looking for the right partners to join us on this exciting journey.

Steampunk Wizards’ Mobile Games Portfolio

Our games are a mixture of adventure, puzzle and classic styles, they are fast-paced, innovative, with notable graphics and physics-based mechanics. They appeal to a global audience of gamers, from casual gamers looking for a quick, easy and fun time-waster, to mid-core gamers who wan engaging and thought provoking challenges. In Bungee Mummy: Reborn you travel different worlds and sling-shot your way to victory while battling bosses, Bungee Mummy: Challenges has you compete to become the true king. Whack A Geemie is a classic arcade game with the unpredictability of slots with the oh-so-familiar rush of whacking rapidly.

We’ve got a game for everyone and many more to come, we believe we are a bundle of evergreen fun. It’s time for us to reach a huge audience of gamers worldwide. We know that this will involve the help of the right publisher. Can that be you? If you’re also in London this week, let’s meet up. Get in touch with Josh O’Cock on josh@steampunkwizards.com.


If you’re not in London, but think you could be a good fit to partner up woith us, still please do get in touch with Josh on the email address above.