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Steampunk Wizards, Inc. To Launch New Game – Names Joshua O’Cock as Chief Executive Officer

By February 9, 2016Press Releases

STEAMPUNK WIZARDS, INC. – LOS ANGELES, February 9, 2016 – Steampunk Wizards, Inc. (OTCQB:SPWZ) announced today that it has submitted a new game to iOS and Android for general release.

The game, Neon Gliders, is the fourth to be released by Steampunk Wizards in the last three months. It is an endless runner style game in which players must glide for as long as possible without crashing into various obstacles. As players collect gems, the in-game currency, they are able to use them to unlock new gliders. In-game currency can also be purchased to fast track this process.

The company is in discussion with international game publishers to co-publish its new game, Neon Gliders, aiming at expansion into new and larger markets.

Additionally, the Company announced that effective January 29, 2016, Joshua O’Cock has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. Anton Lin has resigned as President and Chief Executive Officer of Steampunk Wizards, after overseeing the successful entrance of the Company into the gaming sector and the smooth acquisition of a European subsidiary company.

Mr. O’Cock joined Steampunk Wizards, Ltd., the Malta-based subsidiary of Steampunk Wizards, Inc., as its Chief Marketing Officer in 2014. Prior to joining Steampunk Wizards, Mr. O’Cock served as Chief Marketing Officer for a 3D-printing company in Malta. Previously he held communications and marketing positions for London based companies, in both the arts and beverages sectors.

Mr. O’Cock graduated from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and IT, and holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems, Organisations and Management from the University of Manchester Business School. After completing his Masters Degree, he spent two years working for the University of Manchester, running social media marketing.

Mr. Lin commented, “Josh has a great background in marketing and social media, which is just what Steampunk Wizards needs at this stage to develop a brand for itself and publicize its games as widely as possible. Since the acquisition of Steampunk Wizards, Ltd., our Malta based subsidiary in mid-2015, the Company has released 3 games, while one more game will be available next week. Our fan base is growing quickly and I believe that now is the perfect time for a marketing specialist, with a tremendous experience in the gaming industry, to take over and grow the brand. I am proud of our achievements in the last year, as we have now built a company well poised for growth; I am confident that Josh will be able to maximize that potential.”

Mr. O’Cock commented, “It is a great honor to be named Chief Executive Officer of Steampunk Wizards. The valuable experience I have gained since 2014 as the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer provides me with an excellent understanding of the many opportunities that lie ahead. I will continue to work closely with our the excellent group of designers, product developers, and senior management team to capitalize on these growth opportunities. I look forward to reporting on our progress in the coming months.”

About Steampunk Wizards, Inc. 

Steampunk Wizards, Inc. is an independent games development and technology company specialized in developing enchanting games and gaming technology where the real and virtual worlds blur, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California.  Publicly listed on the OTCQB under SPWZ, the Company owns the Bungee Mummy game franchise and has released one trial game, Bungee Mummy: King’s Escape and one full game, Bungee Mummy: Challenges, with the main game of the franchise awaiting approval from iOS and Android for release this week.

For more information about the Company, or to play our games, visit our website at http://steampunkwizards.com.

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